About LucidCoast - An Innovation Services Company unlike any other.

SECURE innovation for growth and success in a connected world...

We work with clients to align technology and business strategies, improve operational efficiencies, plan and implement security and cyber-resilience, and transform business with emerging technology.

In today's increasingly-connected world, we believe that security and resiliency are critical to the foundation of success in business and in life. For this reason, we've build our business, our practices and our team around the core of security. We are dedicated to serving the best interests of our clients and the world with a reslentless focus on innovation security and excellence.

Our Team - Built with our clients - and the world - in mind.

We are strategists, technology specialists, ethical hackers, social engineers, architects, creatives, facilitators, business leaders and technical experts. We're not your average technology services company.

We draw our teams from a spectrum of seasoned professionals and emerging talent - specifically to mirror the fabric of the real world in today's societal and technology landscape.

Our People - Best for the client need - Real-world focus.

One of our key innovations as a company is our social-responsibility focus that engages highly-talented student researchers in our projects. This unique approach informs our methods with the same probing curiosity and non-traditional thinking that today's software, hardware and integrated business and technologies face every day.

Our model creates an accelerated talent-development path for critical cubersecurity skills with real-world expertise, integrity and an ethos of ethical innovation. All of our team members are vetted for character, personality, skills, expertise, criminal background and overall ethical and philosophical fit with our mission.