Strategy Clarify, Connect and Create - Your Future!

Design Thinking

Powerful, creative facilitation methadology and client-specific innovation teams to help accelerate "the art of the possible" for your teams and organizations.

Strategic Optomization

Cut out the waste, drive down inneficiancy, improve the bottom line, free capital for innovation, align investments, divest what no longer serves. Optimizing is empowering your future!

New Economy Roadmap

The New Economy, emerging technologies, transformation of industries - it means different things for different organizations. A roadmap to the complexity is essential. We can help.

Security Test, Defend, and Secure - Your Assets!

Hybrid Penetration Testing / Vulnerability Assesment

LucidCoast provides a hybrid of traditional vulnerability assessment and penetration testing. We believe that there is value in finding known and unknown vulnerabilities and our dynamic testing is based on your requirements. Internal and External assessments can be performed against all types of digital infrastructure.

Web Application Security Testing

Whether it is a web site, a printer or an industrial manufacturing browser based control system, web applications provide the largest attack surface for attackers to infiltrate your network. We offer in depth web app testing by experienced security researchers to effectively test for risk and deliver the insight you need to re mediate faster.

Social Engineering

Lucid Coast can help you design, plan and execute a Social Engineering engagement that can assess your business-critical controls, policies and procedures within your organization. Our consultants are experienced in all aspects of Social Engineering and identifying the best areas within your business to focus their efforts to extract the most value.

Security Policy Development

Establish a secure foundation by formalizing and implementing policies and procedures designed around cybersecurity best practices. It is in our best interest to provide not only a policy, but to find ways to help you implement it effectively so that adherence brings success. We can help you develop a security policy that makes the most sense for your organization, or assess an existing policy to find gaps in coverage.

Software Development Code Review

Being involved in the Development Life Cycle of an application helps us to discover hidden vulnerabilities, design flaws, and verifies if key security controls are implemented before the final product is shipped to customers. Don’t let the end user fall victim to security flaws in your product, let us find them first.

Technology Expand, Upgrade and Innovate - Your Tech!

LucidCoast is committed to bringing you the best of the best in technology. We will work with you to formulate the optimal technical solutions for your business needs. In the New Economy, there is constant development in the solutions available to businesses. Bringing these solutions to you cuts out worry of product quality and functionality.

This list is not extensive and is supplied to give you a brief overview of our product offerings.