Innovating next-gen solutions for utilities and critical infrastructure.


Asset Performance and Workplace Management Optimization

At the core of all utilities and critical infrastructure are an organization’s assets, facilities, and people. We empower our clients’ transformation roadmaps with new approaches, improved agility, and a ‘startup mentality’ vision – all of which must be balanced with the robust and disciplined management and maturity needed to ensure the stability of critical services.

Customized Solution Delivery

Rather than seek to build an ‘all things to all people’ firm, we assemble and deliver complex, custom solutions, balancing agility with outstanding customer success by leveraging our team of experienced subject matter experts and partners.


Strategic Innovation

Innovation without a clear vision, process, and discipline through proven methodology is wasted time, resources, and money. We’ve built our strategy and innovation practice based on decades of experience as strategy consultants with enterprises in the utility and critical infrastructure space. We are the only firm in North America to combine that solid background of enterprise expertise with the power of a structured innovation methodology that has been used to launch thousands of successful startups. 


Utilities and critical infrastructure providers are being called upon today to innovate, move quickly, and address demanding changes to their capabilities while maintaining security and stability. Our partnerships enable us to quickly assemble teams of excellence to meet any cybersecurity need from planning to response.

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