In 2022, the average cost of a ransomware attack was $4.54 million, not including the ransom itself. Don't be a statistic.

Leveraging AI and Machine Learning algorithms, Cloudcover's cybersecurity solution is unmatched in providing next generation network monitoring solutions in today's cybersecurity market.

At LucidCoast, we believe that network and cybersecurity are the foundation of resilience. That is why we have developed a strategic partnership to build stronger networks for our clients.

What is Cloudcover CC/B1?

Cloudcover’s cybersecurity solution, CC/B1, is an AI-driven, full-telemetry extended threat detection response (XDR) solution that enables patented security orchestration automation response (SOAR) security as a service platform.

  • Mitigates and stops malware-based cyber threats and attacks at extreme accuracy and speed. 
  • Enables sub-second security for all known physical network devices and protocols including multi-directional egress-ingress, east west encrypted traffic. 
  • Utilizes advance patented technology providing IoT-security and safety that provides a cybersecurity risk underwritten insured platform. 
  • Provides agnostic “orchestration” that includes AI-built security protection at extreme speed and accuracy — unlike any security solution.
A person sitting at a desk with a large blue cloud with a cybersecurity theme representing Cloudcover protecting their network.
A blue cloud with a cybersecurity theme that represents Cloudcover.
A blue cloud with a cybersecurity theme that represents Cloudcover.

Cloudcover’s cybersecurity security platform is unique. It delivers near-instant, near-perfect threat detection and response. The platform combines SOAR (Security, Orchestration, Automation, Risk Control) with an extended network detection, and proactive response capability that is unmatched in speed, accuracy, and protection.

  • Agnostic Orchestration: Orchestrates every device on your network. No other solution is able to do so on every device in network, at the center, at the edge, or within the cloud.
  • Unmatched Speed and Accuracy: A near impenetrable layer of network protection, accurately blocking 99.9999999% of cyber threats with microsecond response.
  • Operational Today: Deployed and is network aware and operational in 72 hours. No other solution is able to give you effective protection faster.
  • Immutable Record: A continuous series of IT events are immutably recorded onto blockchain to meet global audit requirements, compliance, or governance scoring needs and set the foundation for a unique cybersecurity data warranty.

Ransomware Warranty

Cloudcover provides ransomware warranty and further cyber warranty coverage, enabling affordable risk transfer for our customers. Business leaders are searching for ways to protect their organizations and expect affordable solutions.

Businesses are searching for affordable cyber warranty products that align with today’s cyber threats. Providing affordable protection for stakeholders and regulatory authorities can be accomplished through the use of the security platform and cyber warranty.

Cybersecurity and cyber warranty coverage should not be separate solutions, or alternatives to one another. They should cooperate – together. You can now engage our proactive, innovative cybersecurity solutions with a proactive cyber ransomware warranty.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Cloudcover encourages customers to keep existing IPS, firewall, and anti-virus tools. CC/B1 can be layered into them and orchestrate your entire network. It is designed to be complementary to any Cybersecurity framework or IT environment.

Cloudcover uses CC/B1’s A.W.A.R.E. system which represents 22 mature AI/ML algorithms that have been learning over 12 years. 56,000,000 emerging threat feeds are accessed, and update our algorithms every 15 minuts.

No Cloudcover’s CC/B1 does not require agent deployment because it does deep packet inspection at the TLS handshake. 

Cloudcover CC/B1 can be up and running within your network in 72hrs.