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At LucidCoast, we believe this applies today – not just to the entrepreneur but to the global enterprise.  We also believe that innovation requires diversity, divergence, spontaneity, analysis, creativity, the unexpected and maybe even a bit of magic.  We help you innovate by helping you get DIFFERENT.

Rather than a one-size-fits all model, we build specialized innovation teams to bring you the right blend of technical, creative, design, strategy, artistic, and eccentric influence according to your organization’s innovation needs.  We will assemble seasoned Big Five leadership, green-haired interns, six sigma experts and hypersonic rocket propulsion scientists or medicinal plant chemists as needed to become your Innovation Dream team.

Among the ways we can serve you in this respect:

Innovation Outpost and Internal Innovation Catalyst

Marquette, Michigan is an incredible location for inspiration and creativity.  On the shores of Lake Superior, in the forests of the north country, this gem of a small town was founded on innovation is an incredible backdrop for the process of innovation.   We offer an “Innovation Outpost” approach that includes bringing your team to Marquette (or other select off-site locations), putting them through an intense innovation bootcamp and facilitating the process of focused problem-solving and opportunity generation.  We combine this approach with a one-of-a kind experience of outdoor recreation, engagement with nature and creative inspiration that provides a potent ‘secret sauce’ for innovation.  Your team will come away from this construct with focus, ideas and impact like never before.

Similar to the Outpost model, we offer Internal Innovation Catalyst services on-site at your company’s location using the tools and methods of the outpost in your environment.

In light of the Covid-19 situation and surrounding circumstances – we also offer “Virtual Innovation Catalyst” services that can be delivered in a fully remote construct.

Creative Disruption Services

Is your team stuck?  Have you been losing market share, revenue growth, are your products being overtaken by the competition?  Do you have internal process or organization change efforts that haven’t been progressing?  Are there integration issues across your organization’s departments?  Are vendor relationship strained?  These are just some of the ways that companies and organizations can hit roadblocks to success and progress that can benefit from Creative Disruption.  Our philosophy of Creative Disruption isn’t just a marketing phrase – it’s an ethos.  We built our company on principles of Creative Disruption – seeking purposefully to depart from the status quo and seek radical or extreme possibilities as a means of arriving at revolutionary new insights to problems and opportunities.  How do you know if Creative Disruption Services might be right for you?  Ask yourself;  “Has the other stuff worked?”.

Innovation By Apprenticeship

This is a model we invented.  Well, Ok.  We didn’t.  Apprenticeship has been around since forever.  But, we’re pretty sure we may have invented the concept of “Innovation By Apprenticeship”.  You see, one thing that’s true of the apprentice by nature – the apprentice is hungry to become the master.  At LucidCoast, we’ve been applying this idea pragmatically by seeking, developing and engaging apprentices in our business and in delivering services to our clients.  The Innovation By Apprenticeship model brings experienced business and technical leaders along with passionate, innovative and mission-aligned apprentices to your project.  Our Innovation By Apprenticeship teams blend experience with audacity, the ‘tried and true’ with the emergent and divergent.  Like any apprenticeship – taking on Innovation By Apprenticeship will challenge you and your team (the “Masters”) in ways you never expected.  It’s the journey you never expected that often yields the greatest treasure.  Looking for something truly impactful, different and transformative?  You just found it.

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