A single, integrated cloud-based platform that uses AI, IoT and analytics to optimize asset performance, extend asset lifecycles and reduce operational downtime and costs.


reduction in asset costs


increase in maintenance productivity


reduction in asset downtime

"...That’s why it’s the combination of AI-based visual inspection for quality and asset performance management for predictive repair that lets you increase quality and production efficiency at the same time — and that helps build a sustainable and resilient business."

It’s more important than ever to start leveraging AI technology and develop a proactive approach to asset maintenance in order to reduce costs.

From senior Maximo product contributors to interns with fresh perspectives and capabilities, LucidCoast builds project and client teams based on tailoring the right mix of skills, leadership, methodology, and partners to deliver customized and optimal value. Across hundreds of clients globally, our teams have developed and demonstrated exceptional value and impact for clients building continuous improvement in Asset Optimization.

Wherever you may be on your journey to optimize resilience in your organization, partner with LucidCoast today and experience the difference and the impact of The LucidCoast Way.

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Performance, Tuning and Optimization

Just like our team, many of our clients have been there and done that through many stages of change and advancement in Enterprise Asset Optimization and the Maximo Journey. Our experiences in management, performance, upgrade, and optimization of complex legacy Maximo environments give us a deep and industry-specific capacity to support utility and other critical infrastructure operators in their Maximo/ EAM journey.

Cloud-based data management

The promise of cloud, the reality of business

The realities of moving to the cloud with Maximo are daunting. At LucidCoast we help bring clarity to that journey and help your company plan and execute on cloud value promises with Maximo. As IBM continues to forge new strategic relationships with cloud providers like AWS, Google, and Microsoft - we come alongside you to get you to the cloud platform that best suits your organization.

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Mobility and Agility In Critical Infrastructure

Asset-intensive services in the modern world require advanced mobility capabilities. Most clients in these domains already rely heavily on mobile solutions, but the direction of the past few years has put a heavy focus on the importance of mobility, agility, flexibility, and responsiveness. Our experiences with complex legacy Maximo environments give us a deep and industry-specific capacity to support utility and other critical infrastructure operators in their Maximo journey.

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Health, Safety, Environment and More

The health, safety, and environmental dynamics of critical infrastructure operators are essential to our nation and our planet. With Maximo’s HSE and focus on innovative approaches to optimizing HSE-related processes, we help clients use Maximo to drive comprehensive value and outcomes with regard to environmental responsibility and the overall well-being of not only the personnel within your organization but other beneficiaries.

Why Maximo?


Improve operations through better asset availability, reliability, and performance.

Agile Deployment

Enjoy flexible deployment models, whether on-premises or multi-cloud.

Connected Locations

Unify asset management processes across multiple sites.

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Real-time Visibility

Enable your technicians to easily solve complex issues and get the work done.



Extend asset lifecycles and optimize maintenance work processes.

Safety Hat

Safety First

A predictive, interconnected system to reduce workplace incidents.

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