Innovative Strategy Services

LucidCoast brings a strategic mindset to every client interaction.

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Innovative Strategy Services

Though today’s world is more complex, fast-paced and connected than that of the world in 500 BC, strategy remains crucial to success. Tactics (or technologies, or ‘solutions’) must be aligned to strategy in order to be worth pursuing.  Organizations must be clear in their strategies to be effective and efficient.  Products, offerings and startup companies need to execute against a framework of strategy to deliver value and intended outcomes.

LucidCoast brings a strategic mindset to every client interaction.  We’re not just a ‘body shop’ or a ‘solution provider’ – we are a strategic partner, as dedicated to helping you define your vision as we are to helping you achieve it.


LucidCoast LogoSome of the ways we deliver on that commitment include:

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Coaching, workshops, thought leadership and ongoing support for design thinking and human-centered outcomes are a specialty we believe in passionately.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re launching a product, a company, developing a new organizational process framework or leading an acquisition; design thinking principles and practices help deliver human and customer-oriented results.

Innovation Outpost and Internal Innovation Catalyst
IT Strategy & IT Optimization
CISO-as-a-service and Security Strategy

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Success Depends on Strategy

Strategy starts with Vision.

The greatest strategies are not devised in a silo, by a single individual or without creative exploration of the possibilities. At LucidCoast, we're experts at building and leading strategy teams to meet widely diverse challenges. Over decades of experiences across industries and around the world, we've observed that strategy is an art which leverages data, science and people with unique viewpoints and expertise.

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